This New World

from by Culver Polley

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Your eyes crack open slowly and you see black rocks and a lava flow. A sky filled with ash. They snap closed again and you’re met with a rapid vision of a crow falling from the sky. Slowly opening again you see a great volcano spewing lava and hunks of massive rock out for miles in every direction. The ground beneath you begins to shift and crack away and you are thrown on your back. Barely breathing from the thick ash and smoke around you, you cling to the earth as it descends in to the lava flow. You are fully consumed in the lava, but feel no pain. Your eyes close again and you have a vision of a hurricane raging through a dense forest uprooting trees and throwing animals. “What world am I in?” Now your eyes open truly. The mountain which you were on when you went to sleep is now bathed in sunlight. You see now clearly many waterfalls on the cliffs of all surrounding mountains. They spill and flow down long rivers that appear to go to a central location in the jungle. You pick yourself up off the ground and realize you have lost your human arms and they have been replaced with amber wings. As you reach your feet the ground
on the cliff breaks away and you begin falling down this massive cliff. Panic sweeps over your body as you flail your arms desperately trying to fly. “Fly!” You beg as you plummet toward the earth. But finally you release and with your arms outstretched the air catches your wings. Chills are felt throughout your body as you see the ground passing quickly beneath you. You begin to follow a river and you watch as other birds fly through the air, fish swim down river and deer gallop through the woods. “My eyes are open” You think. You begin to twirl and flip through the air playfully. Your heart pounds in your chest and tears stream from your eyes. You see below you a marsh, shallow water and beautiful trees. Many glowing bushes and impish creatures that seem to be constructing small houses and vehicles of some kind. “A world that moves even with eyes closed” The voice in your head speaks. You see wood of all shapes and sizes coming toward you from all directions at a medium speed. It seems to be gravitating around you and your arms are now flickering between wings and human arms. “Not yet” You beg, but quickly the woods snaps together around you and your wings
are gone. The wood has formed a sort of small airship of which you are now standing in the center. It takes course and you see the marsh behind you in the distance. You are flying down a narrow canyon now with cliffs all around you. Goats jump from ledge to ledge and there are rocks floating around forming platforms with trees growing from them. The ship begins to descend in the canyon and up ahead you see an enormous metal door. The ship nears the ground and you can now see the incredible speed at which it is traveling. The door is growing ever nearer and you see it is built in to the sides of the canyon. When you finally land you’re only a stones throw from the door. As you approach you see a much smaller door identical in every way to the large door, except sized for you. You are next to it. Hands pressed against it. Pushing with all of your might. You feel your muscles tense and your feet slide in the dirt. You pound on the door. No handle. No mechanism. And then you read, “Do not push to Enter” written on a stone under your feet. Smiling, You slip, and fall to your hands and knees. The door cracks open. Breathing heavily you take a moment to rest. Cool air is flowing from the crack in the door
and you can hear a faint rushing of water. You stand, brush yourself off and slip through the crack in the door. When your eyes pass through you see the world on the other side of the door darkening and collapsing. As the last frame in your peripheral vision is gone, so is the world you knew. You find yourself in a misty glen with a creek rushing through it. Large brown rocks protrude from the grassy knob that you’re standing on. The creek runs away from where the door was, which upon checking is now no longer there. In soft moist dirt next to the water you see a small boat with a single oar. You climb in and begin to paddle gently. The fog is so thick you can hardly see the trees above you, and the current is slowly increasing in speed. You stop paddling realizing that there is no need. The fog is clearing now and you see twisted trees and colored clouds. The rocks seem to be moving and shifting on their own. The boat is rocking wildly now and you grip the sides trying to hold on. Water sprays your face and soaks your body. At once the river you’re on exits the dense forested area and you’re now in a wide open mountainside flying down uncontrollably. You look down and see that as it bottoms out the river starts back up
another hill. And then the river climbs upward back through the fog! As the wind howls thunder crashes and it begins to rain heavily. You’re now being pulled quickly up hill in your boat by the river current. Lighting strikes around you and the rain gets louder. The boat rocks harder and harder until you are thrown in to the rushing water. Gasping you flail your body trying desperately to grab hold of the boat as you’re pulled up the hill. Your mouth is filled with water repeatedly and you are fighting to take breaths of air. But just when you believe you’re going to pass out the water ascends directly up in a tube and it carries you through the fog. You are spat out by the current on to a marble floor in front of an archway. You gasp and quickly shuffle away from the water and in to the archway. Revealing a beautiful palace.


from Happy Little Bee, released June 23, 2017



all rights reserved


Culver Polley Chelan, Washington

Hi, im Culver and i make music :)

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