Happy Little Bee

by Culver Polley

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Open the lyrics for each song to read the story ive written for the album, please read patiently as the words are not intended to be read quickly. If you decide to purchase the album it will come with a pdf for each song so you can read the story in that format. thank you for your time and i hope you enjoy my album. :) (dedicated to my happy little family)


released June 23, 2017



all rights reserved


Culver Polley Chelan, Washington

Hi, im Culver and i make music :)

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Track Name: Dream?
“Hello. You’re Safe Here.” It is only dark and you feel nothing but anticipation. The darkness takes the shade of pink. Suddenly you feel something surround you and squeeze. At once the feeling of flying is gone and you’re now resting. Aware now of your body, as tiny as it is you extend your arms and legs. Lips and eyes closed you feel your chest begin to move up and down. No panic, no noise. You hear a voice in your head. “You will wake without having slept, you will sleep without having woken.” The time it takes to grow is immeasurable. As the light comes up you become aware of your surroundings. You stand. There are walls all around you and many doors. Blue, red, yellow, orange, green, purple, pink and gray. You take one step towards the door you choose and you fall to your hands and
knees. As you crawl the room stretches and so you crawl faster. You stand again, fall again, over and over this happens until you finally reach the door. What color is it? You grab the handle and it twists. The sharp edges of the handle cut you and you see blood drip down your pinky finger, but the door flies open and behind it is a mirror. You stare in to your face for the first time. What do you look like? What color are your eyes? The voice in your head returns. “The purpose of you is to experience. Simultaneously prepared and unprepared for everything. You will invent words for your feelings, create feelings with your words. You will be everything that you change.” The Mirror shatters and you step through a white glowing opening.
Track Name: Friends, In The Valley Of Snow
Now atop a mountain you’re feeling cold. Snow pours from the sky and covers the forested landscape. As you look down the mountain, torches light a path. One by one shiny rocks become illuminated. It seems the snow falls around the path perfectly. Flowers show in the light of the stones all around the path and are blooming before your very eyes. You begin down the path and feel the cold lessen around you. Down the way you see a small group of deer and rabbits hopping together down the same path that you are on. You see them dropping shining objects on to the path, and they’re looking back to be sure you’re following closely. You begin hearing echoes of tiny voices in the snowy trees around you and as the incline of the hill mellows you find yourself in a beautiful green
clearing of trees. In the center is a small pond with sparkling green water and a beautiful stone fountain in the center. The fountain is sculpted in to the image of a man and woman embraced with a young girl holding their legs. Their tears seem to be filling the pool. As your eyes explore the small area you see animals coming from the woods to drink from the pool. They acknowledge you with a look, but do not seem urgent or excited by your presence. After a few moments you hear a quiet hum that becomes a gentle arrangement of strings. The animals begin to twirl and dance as they make their way over to you. The first deer reaches you and it lets a flower out of its mouth at your feet. As the flower touches the ground it sprouts a ring of flowers all around you and the wind and snow around you quickly settles. You hear cracking and
breaking of stone and your eyes quickly find the statue. The little girl has broken from the statue and begins to walk across the water. Every step meets a stone that rises up to the surface and as she runs to you the gray coloration leaves her and by the time she is near you has the appearance of a beautiful young girl wearing a pink dress. She motions with her hands for you to kneel down to her. As you do she waves her hands to the animals and they all make their way back in to the trees which are almost completely free of ice and snow now. You find yourself on your knees staring in the face of this beautiful little girl. All is green now. She grabs your head, moves her lips right next to your ear and whispers. “The World Waits for your to complete it”
Track Name: Answers From The Fire
The sun comes down quickly and the clearing is illuminated by fluorescent plants and pine cones on the ground and in the trees. The small pond where the statue stands begins to drain down revealing stairs that descend to a stone archway. Fireflies begin fluttering around you as you move towards the stairs. The girl has returned to her statue form and is posed with her hands clenched under her chin smiling widely. You start down the stairs and cannot see within. As you pass through the opening you begin to see ornate braziers light up along the walls of the corridor and also brilliant wallpaper. You now hear a hum of music in the distance and your pace quickens. Through the passage you see statues and you count them. One, An older man with his hands on his hips, laughing and wearing common clothes. Two, A mother, smiling gently with tears in her eyes wearing a lovely dress and jewelry. Three, A man and women embraced. Wearing simple cloths staring deeply in
to each others eyes. Four, A very old women sitting in a chair inlaid with golden feathers. Eyes closed, hands resting in her lap. Five, a very old man across the room from the old women reaching out to her, smiling with his hand to his chest wearing a military uniform. Six, An older women with a serious expression on her face, wearing a common dress staring rigidly down the hall. Seven, a beautiful young women, holding a pregnant belly and wearing a beautiful dress. Eyes fixated on her stomach. Eight, A young man standing proudly looking down the hall wearing beautiful cloths and smiling wide. Nine, a royal crib carved from stone and inlaid with gems. Suspended by golden threads hanging from the ceiling. Finally you arrive at a door made from a dark metal. As you turn the golden handle you feel an airlock start to break and suction in the the room releases. All light is extinguished and you’re sucked through the opening. You float in darkness waiting for anything. When you open
your eyes you’re floating in a spherical room where every inch of the wall is bookshelves containing numbered encyclopedia titled “One life” A spherical fireplace sits, suspended in the center of the room and within it you can see a golden orb. A voice speaks in your head. “Fear not for the things you may never know, for there are endless books waiting to be written by your mind. Your heart will seek to spark an endless fire and should you let it, you will surely succeed.” As the voice finishes in your head it echoes throughout the room you are in several times. You make the decision to not open any books. You close your eyes and breathe a sigh of relief. “You have to have faith in the entity that made me, surely a creature of infinite wisdom and unlimited ability has created this with a beautiful concept. Everything being equally relevant to everything else. It is my pleasure to pay attention and not let the efforts be wasted.”
Track Name: Your Feet Shall Write This Book
You see a porthole in the floor near where you’re standing made from wood. As you begin to open it you feel a cool rush of air coming up through it and smell the scent of beautiful flowers. Once fully open the hatch reveals a long ladder coming down in to a cloud. As you descend the ladder through the cloud the wind rushes around you and you realize you’re high above the mountains. You Look Around at a beautiful landscape in awe for the rest of your climb which finishes atop a lush plateau. By the time you reach the bottom it is dusk and the wind is pushing the tree branches and bushes around wildly. The breeze you feel is warm. You spy a round table with ornate chairs around it in a clearing and begin to head toward it. You see opaque figures sitting and mingling. From a distance you witness them gesturing and conversing. You wait a moment and then gain the courage to interact with them. “Hello, may I sit with you?” “Nay.” They say in harmony. One says, “He hasn’t the hat to sit with us does he?” “Nay.” Say the rest of them. A small boy wearing tattered cloths looks to you and says “not the right shirt neither, better be going now” As you stare at them they shimmer and go in and out of your vision. As they speak it begins to become unintelligible. Their voices become deeper and higher and out of pitch. As you back away a single step all falls silent and they speak in unison. “Never is, never was.” And then they sit again and the wind and chatter resume. You turn and begin to run, feeling your heart race and your feet pound against the ground. Behind you they are cheering and laughing. “What is this feeling?” You ponder as you run through the forest. The light is leaving the world as you come to great cliffs at the edge of the mountain. For a moment you’re driven to fling yourself from this world. You hold it in. And when you’re ready to let go again you’re afraid. Something inside of you stings you and brings for the first time a great sadness in your heart. Your feet tell your hands to drag your body and so they do. Through the dirt you crawl parallel to the cliff. And the light is almost gone. You’re too tired now to keep crawling so you lay on one side facing the cliff staring in to the great wooded expanse. Suddenly a massive winged creature soars through the sky miles out above the trees. Body of a bird, head of an elephant. As it soars through the sky you see silver clouds forming around it until it finally soars over you, covering the sky in silver. All is dark now and so your eyes close. “Can I go away? If I close my eyes will the world vanish?” “We do not know.” Says the voice in your head. “but to be sure, we’ve made a world for every state”. Now you feel a sort of paralysis and your eyes will not open no matter how you try. You make the decision not to panic and accept that your eyes may remain closed as long as intended. “Please one day, may my eyes open again.” You begin to have visions. A blizzard falling over a forest in fast motion. Rain drops splashing in slow motion in a pond. A Fire spreading across a mountainside. Disassembled trees spread out across a white gridded floor assembling rapidly. Two colored spheres becoming one. Forming a new color. A single horizontal line. You hear a low hum crescendo to a violent dissonance and the line becomes erratic. “Please one day, may my eyes open again.”
Track Name: This New World
Your eyes crack open slowly and you see black rocks and a lava flow. A sky filled with ash. They snap closed again and you’re met with a rapid vision of a crow falling from the sky. Slowly opening again you see a great volcano spewing lava and hunks of massive rock out for miles in every direction. The ground beneath you begins to shift and crack away and you are thrown on your back. Barely breathing from the thick ash and smoke around you, you cling to the earth as it descends in to the lava flow. You are fully consumed in the lava, but feel no pain. Your eyes close again and you have a vision of a hurricane raging through a dense forest uprooting trees and throwing animals. “What world am I in?” Now your eyes open truly. The mountain which you were on when you went to sleep is now bathed in sunlight. You see now clearly many waterfalls on the cliffs of all surrounding mountains. They spill and flow down long rivers that appear to go to a central location in the jungle. You pick yourself up off the ground and realize you have lost your human arms and they have been replaced with amber wings. As you reach your feet the ground
on the cliff breaks away and you begin falling down this massive cliff. Panic sweeps over your body as you flail your arms desperately trying to fly. “Fly!” You beg as you plummet toward the earth. But finally you release and with your arms outstretched the air catches your wings. Chills are felt throughout your body as you see the ground passing quickly beneath you. You begin to follow a river and you watch as other birds fly through the air, fish swim down river and deer gallop through the woods. “My eyes are open” You think. You begin to twirl and flip through the air playfully. Your heart pounds in your chest and tears stream from your eyes. You see below you a marsh, shallow water and beautiful trees. Many glowing bushes and impish creatures that seem to be constructing small houses and vehicles of some kind. “A world that moves even with eyes closed” The voice in your head speaks. You see wood of all shapes and sizes coming toward you from all directions at a medium speed. It seems to be gravitating around you and your arms are now flickering between wings and human arms. “Not yet” You beg, but quickly the woods snaps together around you and your wings
are gone. The wood has formed a sort of small airship of which you are now standing in the center. It takes course and you see the marsh behind you in the distance. You are flying down a narrow canyon now with cliffs all around you. Goats jump from ledge to ledge and there are rocks floating around forming platforms with trees growing from them. The ship begins to descend in the canyon and up ahead you see an enormous metal door. The ship nears the ground and you can now see the incredible speed at which it is traveling. The door is growing ever nearer and you see it is built in to the sides of the canyon. When you finally land you’re only a stones throw from the door. As you approach you see a much smaller door identical in every way to the large door, except sized for you. You are next to it. Hands pressed against it. Pushing with all of your might. You feel your muscles tense and your feet slide in the dirt. You pound on the door. No handle. No mechanism. And then you read, “Do not push to Enter” written on a stone under your feet. Smiling, You slip, and fall to your hands and knees. The door cracks open. Breathing heavily you take a moment to rest. Cool air is flowing from the crack in the door
and you can hear a faint rushing of water. You stand, brush yourself off and slip through the crack in the door. When your eyes pass through you see the world on the other side of the door darkening and collapsing. As the last frame in your peripheral vision is gone, so is the world you knew. You find yourself in a misty glen with a creek rushing through it. Large brown rocks protrude from the grassy knob that you’re standing on. The creek runs away from where the door was, which upon checking is now no longer there. In soft moist dirt next to the water you see a small boat with a single oar. You climb in and begin to paddle gently. The fog is so thick you can hardly see the trees above you, and the current is slowly increasing in speed. You stop paddling realizing that there is no need. The fog is clearing now and you see twisted trees and colored clouds. The rocks seem to be moving and shifting on their own. The boat is rocking wildly now and you grip the sides trying to hold on. Water sprays your face and soaks your body. At once the river you’re on exits the dense forested area and you’re now in a wide open mountainside flying down uncontrollably. You look down and see that as it bottoms out the river starts back up
another hill. And then the river climbs upward back through the fog! As the wind howls thunder crashes and it begins to rain heavily. You’re now being pulled quickly up hill in your boat by the river current. Lighting strikes around you and the rain gets louder. The boat rocks harder and harder until you are thrown in to the rushing water. Gasping you flail your body trying desperately to grab hold of the boat as you’re pulled up the hill. Your mouth is filled with water repeatedly and you are fighting to take breaths of air. But just when you believe you’re going to pass out the water ascends directly up in a tube and it carries you through the fog. You are spat out by the current on to a marble floor in front of an archway. You gasp and quickly shuffle away from the water and in to the archway. Revealing a beautiful palace.
Track Name: The Palace Of The Wind Princess
As you enter the palace, you feel a warm breeze kiss your face and it appears the floor is made of swirling glass, but it is perfectly stable and safe to walk upon. The walls are white and marble and the ceiling appears as the winter sky, but the room is a moderate temperature. You begin to explore the area and discover glass cases which seem to contain trophies or awards of some kind. A small wooden box with a moon on it sits upon a pedestal in a shrine that emanates a beautiful white light. You open the box and a tiny white sphere floats upward and hovers in front of your face. It rotates slowly and as you’re reaching to grab it you hear a tiny voice whisper. “Find the tiny sun”. You grasp the orb, and place it back in the box. “No world should have a moon without a sun, nor sun without a moon.” Says a soft feminine voice. You take a moment to look around and take in the beauty of the sky. Focusing on your breathing. In, Out. In. Out. You hear one sole violin descending a melody and with that an entity of thick cloudy air manifests before you in the shape of a beautiful woman with a flowing dress. A smell of wet rainforest overpowers the room and words
appear on the ground. “As you came into a world that was much larger than you, there was no perceived fear. Much like a seed floating through the wind, once there, now here.” A cloud begins to swirl before you creating and image of a wondrous castle separated by great bridges from the land. It seems to be floating and wispy golden clouds circulate its silver towers. But as quick as the vision came, It was gone. As the room clears you’re overcome with a feeling of peace and the walls become a mural of a great battle. You look to your sides, are you alone? You feel strength inside your chest. Suddenly your mouth opens and no sound comes out but your lungs fill with air. A celestial women appear before you and begins a beautiful dance. Constellations float from her body and hands as she twirls. You begin to twirl with her, and now its as though your body is being controlled by her movements. There are pillars coming up through the floor with shining orbs atop them. As you dance a hum of strings overtakes the palace and you hear it echoing deeply, as if you were in a great valley. Then when your body finishes moving, you see the pillars had raised all different colors of orb into the room. You feel
compelled to take one. Which do you take? “It is yours to keep forever, whether cherished or despised.” The voice in your head whispers. “You’re welcome to stay as long as you like, and when you’re ready to leave simply lay down and close your eyes.” Says the woman. You walk the walls of the room, intent on gaining whatever you must from this place. You run your hands along the walls and pass your eyes over the many hieroglyphics. But this is not your home. This is not the end. However beautiful a palace may be, you must admit when you’re not yet home. So as you were told, you lay your body down upon the floor and close your eyes. No visions appear. A great black. Perhaps your home is the dark you see when you close your eyes. The meeting ground for all of us. A few moments pass in total peace, and you feel yourself orbiting and drifting gently. The room swirls and then becomes still. When all is settled, before you is a gem inlaid staircase. You descend the stairs and with each step the world becomes brighter until it is blinding. You put your hands out to find something to hold on to but there is nothing there. In, Out. In, Out. In, Out. In. Out.
Track Name: The Diamond Staircase
As you begin to see again you see that you are standing on a glowing white platform and all around you is like outer space. Stars, constellations, planets and meteors orbit around near and far. Then starting at the edge of the platform one by one, stairs begin to light up a brilliant glossy white. They continue to light in a rhythmic fashion and you start up the staircase. All around you supernovas are exploding and black holes are sucking light in to their void. Planets of all colors orbit far off in the distance. Every planet, a moon. While you climb you notice that the stairs are disappearing behind you and the platform is totally gone. You’re now climbing a staircase through space and as quickly as they come you ascend them. You uncontrollably begin humming a melody. Music comes to your head and you become inspired to reach the summit. “I can see the end atop these stairs.” You think to yourself moving ever faster. You hear cries of a woman echo through space, over and over until it fades out. Then you hear the shouting of a man in the same way. You rest a moment and look around. You think “This will be the last of my time in this world.”
And you take a long breath. You move with haste no longer and you decide to enjoy the ascent, eyes scanning the cosmos. If ever there is a time that is worth cherishing, then all times are equally so. You blink and for a moment you saw yourself walking up a trail in the mountains. “Everything will come as it is needed” says a new voice, unlike any you’ve heard so far. You start to have rapid visions, one of a small cabin at the edge of a lake. Another of a two people embraced tightly in a field of flowers. In between those moments you begin to feel a panic. “What life will I live?” you say shakily. You ponder the outcomes, the fear of failure creeps up in you and you turn to look at the stairs and you see that they’re still disappearing behind you. You have no choice, but to continue. “Will my life, if a failure simply be a pretext to an ever greater life to follow?” you ponder as you continue to climb. More visions penetrate your thoughts. One, of a sphere that is a rainbow of colors expanding larger and larger in your vision until its all you can see. You feel a rush of feelings before it quickly ends. The next vision is looking through the window of a ship that is traveling through space. You’re holding a bag with a tag on it
that says your name. You jolt back in to reality. You’re on the stairs and it is louder now. Meteors and planets fly around you and there is a strong wind blowing. Suddenly you realize you can see the top of the stairs only a few hundred feet more. You kneel down and continue to climb on your hands and knees. “All that you have seen, you will forget.” Says that same unfamiliar voice. “All that you will see, has been forgotten.” It says. The stairs are now dimming and around you the cosmos are becoming like cartoons. It all seems painted and its becoming ever more blurry. Everything appears as a drawing and as you reach the top of the stairs there is a massive metal circle arcing lighting from one side to the other that is floating a foot above the platform. You turn and see that the stairs are now gone and you finally realize, there never was a choice. But that it doesn’t take away from the beauty even if we are guided. You rear back with your arms and run, grinning widely towards the portal. As you throw your body in to it instantly time freezes. And you recount what you have experienced. The voice speaks a final time. “You’re the most beautiful thing you will ever create.”
Track Name: Happy Little Bee
You’re trapped within a stasis now, staring out in to space. You begin to realize that your memories are leaving. Suddenly you don’t know who you are, or why you’re here. It is all beautiful though. Warmth washes over you and you feel a great wave of relaxation. It’s as though you’re on the edge of sleep, and your eyelids become heavy. As you start to drift all of your thoughts become simple. Any ideas or concepts are now broken down in to simple feelings. You’re simply happy to be here. As your eyelids meet you hear a white noise crescendo and with it comes a guttural roar and shouting of all kinds, it startles you and your eyes shoot open. A beautiful cartoon moon hangs on strings far out away from the platform where you are and all is silent. There are fireworks exploding slowly all around you and you begin to hear an ambient hum form a melody. As it lulls you your eyelids lower again. You hear muffled activity, as if you were in a bubble. The ambient melody does not leave you, in fact it seems to be growing louder. As you focus intently on these sounds they become oddly familiar. A confusion comes over your mind. “Is this my world? In a muffled bubble? Or the great emptiness of space?” You feel a constriction around you and you struggle to move and as you do you hear a scream and your eyes shoot open. But your eyes do not open to space, they open to the darkness. Muffled sounds and a melody fill your ears. Panicking, you close your eyes quickly and now find yourself again frozen in time, eyes fixated on the great white moon. Fireworks still exploding. The melody growing in complexity. You realize you have the ability to squirm and are no longer paralyzed in place, but as you do you are met with violent cries and shrieking in your head, in an attempt to escape them you snap your eyes open but find that it grows even louder. Now the noises are not in your head, but outside of your bubble. Your darkness has taken to a shade of pink and the familiar sounds are now distinguished as voices. You begin to squirm and fight to move in your bubble and its obvious that you’re surrounded. Memories begin to flow through your mind. Visions of a life. You wonder if they are yours, or someone else’s. As your heart races the music takes over your hearing and you can only faintly hear the voices shouting and crying out from beyond the bubble. For fear of never seeing the moon again you snap your eyes closed but find that you’re still within your bubble. A panic sweeps over you, your eyes quickly open, and close trying to find that wide open space you once knew. But suddenly those thoughts leave your mind and you become calm, the music has drowned out all noise now and you feel that you must simply wait. For what, you aren’t sure, but a sense of certainty replaces your panic and now you take a breath. For a moment it seems that everything has stopped, and you imagine yourself on a boat floating with a group of people, looking towards a cabin in a wooded cove. They’re all looking to it and waving goodbye, so you do as well. You turn your head and see a lake going down through mountains. The water is rough, but the sun is rising ahead. The water is cresting and spraying white on the rocks along the shore and there are deer and rabbits looking at the boat near the shoreline, as if to see you off. The boat is rocking in the waves but you find yourself able to stay stable. Wind blows over the morning water and while it is to be a cool day, dawn is surely coming. Your lungs fill with air and your eyes snap open. All is pink now and you can hardly move. You hear shouting and commotion outside of your bubble and you’re feeling ever more anticipation. Visions flow in to your head again. An airplane flying above you. Around and around under a white sky. That fades and the airplane blurs in to a blue circle that just wiggles in front of the white background before it turns to pink. You feel your body being compressed and all the noise has now blurred together. Words begin to force themselves in to your mind as the white noise becomes louder. You can now begin to differentiate sounds inside the noise as voices again and they sound urgent and excited. Yelling, crying, and encouragement. A mysterious voice speaks inside your head. “Go now little one, in to the world you have chosen. For you must awaken having never slept, so you may once again sleep, having never woken.” You hear sobbing and begin to see a bright beautiful light. Everything is a sound now. It is all new. Past is a word that can describe nothing. You feel a cool release and air fills your lungs. It’s as if you’re suspended in cool water now and you no longer hear screaming or shouting. The light behind your eyelids is yellow, and when you open them you see a world more magnificent than you could have ever imagined. You see the world that you have once again chosen for yourself. Everything functions as it should and you’re here with a splendid purpose. To be the student of everyone you encounter. Every incident you experience. And you see them. These are the ones who will love you because they’ve made you. You will love them because you’ve made them. It becomes quiet in your head.

“Hello, baby.”
Track Name: Hello
At a certain instant, you become aware of your place in the world. The world that moves even with eyes closed. The people you have always known, and the life you have always lived are forever preserved by this perspective. How long has it been? What day did I first watch rain fall from the sky? You stare through a foggy window out to a beautiful lake. It’s still rough out there. The sun is setting, but you have the chair you’ve come to love. And the people you have come to know. You close your eyes. The sounds from your past can not be stolen from their time. The smells and sights are locked and serve only now as motivation to once again fall in love. Either everything is justified or nothing is. Rain pitter patters on the roof above your head. The roof you made. Your eyes open again and the boat rocks in the waves. Water is coming right to the front door and you hear giggling just on the other side of the cabin. They are the ones who justify it all. The ones you made. The ones who made you. You see the water spray white mist as it pounds the rocky shoreline and the rain falls harder. A smile grows on your face and now you smell wet pine, a personal favorite. You hear the crackling of a fireplace behind you and faintly, women’s voices nearby. You pull yourself from your chair and prop yourself up on a your cane by the window. A waterfall is cascading across the lake, and your own creek is flooding nearby. You begin to hum a melody you have always hummed. The one that you brain always went to while at rest. It is truly your song. The rhythm that has never been the best, but will be the thing you always remember. You crack the sliding door open and you can now hear the rain roaring outside. Thunder rumbles the skies and you can see the last sunbeams shooting through gray clouds as the sun falls behind the tallest peaks. As you stand in the doorway, a cougar walks slowly on the porch in front of you, paying you no attention. It passes by and then before starting up the steep hill into the thick it passes you one glance. You remember your father. You remember your mother. Torn between laughter and tears you step out in to the rain. You start down the path you’ve always walked. To the creek where you first found love. As the distance between you and the cabin grows the voices become quieter and all is drowned out by the rain pounding the earth. You could travel this way with your eyes closed. The willow tree is drenched. Its roots covered only by the water. You take one moment to remember it all as well as you can, before turning to face the creek. Rushing harder than it has ever been, even during your hardest times. You sit on a rock and aim your face to the sky. “Are you ready to remember” A voice in your head speaks. “Not just yet” You reply. And you pull yourself up and start back towards the cabin. You can see the water from the path and out on the water is a boat. There are people you do not recognize on the boat. But they are waving to the cabin. You begin to hurry to the cabin now and your heart is racing. As you reach the porch you see that the lights inside are off. No fire is burning. The rain is stopping. You come around the corner and there is no one through the windows. The sliding door is wide open and there is a cup of coffee steaming, sitting on the arm of your chair. As you sit in it you see the fog clearing and stars pop up in the sky. The sun has left the valley and the lake is calming. You see fish jumping up from the water and you hear the creek settle. Across the lake you see the waterfall drying up. You pull open the drawer in the nightstand in front of you and you take a pencil and pad of paper. You look up in time to see your boat sinking under the waterline. You begin to write and watch the raindrops drip off the edge of the roofing and on to the porch. Slower and slower they drip. Your hand is compelled and writes autonomously. Thoughts which you’ve never had spill from your arm on to the paper. The raindrops begin to fall slower, as if time itself were slowing. You ponder the last words on the page “The boat is leaving”. And set the paper down. You stand up from your chair and exit out through the sliding glass door. You make your way down the stone steps and the water is gently flowing onto the dock. As you walk down the long dock toward the water the waves gently splash against the dock and water washes your feet. “I am ready to remember.” You say confidently. And you begin running. But as you’re running time seems to be slowing more and more until your bounds take seconds. Only feet from the edge of the dock you grin widely. “One more moment in my world.” You whisper as you dive confidently. You wave once more to the cabin. And then sun at last sets on the valley. “You’re safe here.”