Happy Little Bee

from by Culver Polley

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You’re trapped within a stasis now, staring out in to space. You begin to realize that your memories are leaving. Suddenly you don’t know who you are, or why you’re here. It is all beautiful though. Warmth washes over you and you feel a great wave of relaxation. It’s as though you’re on the edge of sleep, and your eyelids become heavy. As you start to drift all of your thoughts become simple. Any ideas or concepts are now broken down in to simple feelings. You’re simply happy to be here. As your eyelids meet you hear a white noise crescendo and with it comes a guttural roar and shouting of all kinds, it startles you and your eyes shoot open. A beautiful cartoon moon hangs on strings far out away from the platform where you are and all is silent. There are fireworks exploding slowly all around you and you begin to hear an ambient hum form a melody. As it lulls you your eyelids lower again. You hear muffled activity, as if you were in a bubble. The ambient melody does not leave you, in fact it seems to be growing louder. As you focus intently on these sounds they become oddly familiar. A confusion comes over your mind. “Is this my world? In a muffled bubble? Or the great emptiness of space?” You feel a constriction around you and you struggle to move and as you do you hear a scream and your eyes shoot open. But your eyes do not open to space, they open to the darkness. Muffled sounds and a melody fill your ears. Panicking, you close your eyes quickly and now find yourself again frozen in time, eyes fixated on the great white moon. Fireworks still exploding. The melody growing in complexity. You realize you have the ability to squirm and are no longer paralyzed in place, but as you do you are met with violent cries and shrieking in your head, in an attempt to escape them you snap your eyes open but find that it grows even louder. Now the noises are not in your head, but outside of your bubble. Your darkness has taken to a shade of pink and the familiar sounds are now distinguished as voices. You begin to squirm and fight to move in your bubble and its obvious that you’re surrounded. Memories begin to flow through your mind. Visions of a life. You wonder if they are yours, or someone else’s. As your heart races the music takes over your hearing and you can only faintly hear the voices shouting and crying out from beyond the bubble. For fear of never seeing the moon again you snap your eyes closed but find that you’re still within your bubble. A panic sweeps over you, your eyes quickly open, and close trying to find that wide open space you once knew. But suddenly those thoughts leave your mind and you become calm, the music has drowned out all noise now and you feel that you must simply wait. For what, you aren’t sure, but a sense of certainty replaces your panic and now you take a breath. For a moment it seems that everything has stopped, and you imagine yourself on a boat floating with a group of people, looking towards a cabin in a wooded cove. They’re all looking to it and waving goodbye, so you do as well. You turn your head and see a lake going down through mountains. The water is rough, but the sun is rising ahead. The water is cresting and spraying white on the rocks along the shore and there are deer and rabbits looking at the boat near the shoreline, as if to see you off. The boat is rocking in the waves but you find yourself able to stay stable. Wind blows over the morning water and while it is to be a cool day, dawn is surely coming. Your lungs fill with air and your eyes snap open. All is pink now and you can hardly move. You hear shouting and commotion outside of your bubble and you’re feeling ever more anticipation. Visions flow in to your head again. An airplane flying above you. Around and around under a white sky. That fades and the airplane blurs in to a blue circle that just wiggles in front of the white background before it turns to pink. You feel your body being compressed and all the noise has now blurred together. Words begin to force themselves in to your mind as the white noise becomes louder. You can now begin to differentiate sounds inside the noise as voices again and they sound urgent and excited. Yelling, crying, and encouragement. A mysterious voice speaks inside your head. “Go now little one, in to the world you have chosen. For you must awaken having never slept, so you may once again sleep, having never woken.” You hear sobbing and begin to see a bright beautiful light. Everything is a sound now. It is all new. Past is a word that can describe nothing. You feel a cool release and air fills your lungs. It’s as if you’re suspended in cool water now and you no longer hear screaming or shouting. The light behind your eyelids is yellow, and when you open them you see a world more magnificent than you could have ever imagined. You see the world that you have once again chosen for yourself. Everything functions as it should and you’re here with a splendid purpose. To be the student of everyone you encounter. Every incident you experience. And you see them. These are the ones who will love you because they’ve made you. You will love them because you’ve made them. It becomes quiet in your head.

“Hello, baby.”


from Happy Little Bee, released June 23, 2017



all rights reserved


Culver Polley Chelan, Washington

Hi, im Culver and i make music :)

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